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Ana the Savvy Investor of Wilton Manors

Ana the Savvy Investor of Wilton Manors

Hello 0586,

Is that your birthday date?

We were out this evening, but will get these signed and back to you by end of day tomorrow. Very hopeful and confident in your young team. We feel you bring great energy and ideas to the table and a fresh point of view not mired in the redundant profit-first approach that gave birth to all these brokerages and jaded views of how things should be done, but more of the old fashioned approach that service is KING. The real estate AGENT business is evolving towards making that latest old style redundant and unnecessary. I hope that with the knowledge you are gaining along the way you will find the time to develop a way to lead the field into the future. That is if you wish to stay in this business. 

Thank You! Ana